LimaCorporate, a leading international company in the biomedical industry, after already choosing Alfa Sistemi as ICT Business Partner for many years, recruited us one more time for a new challenge in 2019.
The need was to optimize some of their internal processes, in particular the approval flow of Purchase Requests and Purchase Orders. The challenge that LimaCorporate asked us to face was about the following points:
• Speed of the approval process;
• Usability also in mobility;
• Integration with Oracle JDE management system;
• Reduction of printed paper.

Our team has responded to the challenge by creating “Alfa Approvals”, a new workflow management solution fully configurable to be adapted to the customer’s business needs.
“Alfa Approvals” is also designed to be easily integrated with other applications used in the company. For LimaCorporate, the integration between the Oracle JDE ERP system and “Alfa Approvals” was almost natural, thanks in part to the use of the AJC (Alfa Jde Connector), which simplifies integration between the Oracle system and third-party software.
“Alfa Approvals” puts the user at the center of the process: through a dedicated task list, each user involved in the approval process can view the approval requests they are in charge of, view their status, access attachments, write notes, delegate approval to other colleagues and much more. “Alfa Approvals” can be accessed via browser or through an App compatible with both Android and iOS, thus reducing the time required to access requests and the related approval times.
LimaCorporate has also decided to add to the approved Purchase Orders the generation of the digital signature on the purchase document, thus promoting a green policy aimed at reducing the use of printed paper.


• Provide a flexible and configurable solution, which gives the possibility to define the rules of each approval flow in a simple and immediate way. This translates into a considerable reduction in time-to-market thanks to the less technical work required for the evolution of the solution.
• Deliver to end users an application that is easy to use and available anywhere.
• Provide a scalable solution that, thanks to a modular architecture, is able to bring together the different organizational areas of the company, while managing all the approval workflows in a single application.
• Adopt a “paperless” solution that allows users to work in total mobility on scanned documents that are no longer printed on paper.
• Encourage information sharing to increase the efficiency of the collaborative using also push notifications.
• Provide a solution that not only integrates with Oracle JDE E1 ERP system, but can also be interfaced with other applications.


The “Alfa Approvals” solution has enabled the customer to halve the processing times of both Purchase Orders and Purchase Requests.

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Consultant
  • 1 Software Engineer
  • 1 ERP Specialist