Alfa Sistemi introduces Alfa Approvals, a technologically advanced solution for managing approved workflows

16 March 2019

Digital Transformation affects all businesses and influences all industries, so breakthrough that it changes the business organization and the way all the resources involved work.While Digital Transformation is seen as synonymous with competitiveness and greater efficiency, on the other hand ICT companies need to be able to provide the right support to those innovative companies ready to face this change.

Alfa Sistemi, as an IT consulting firm and a provider of innovative ICT solutions, has decided to actively support these innovative companies providing the best possible solutions for innovation in their business processes and to face with the right support all the changes related to the revolution of the digital age.

We started from the desire to respond to the common need of several companies to eliminate the long waiting times necessary to get an OK to proceed. To speed up the procedures we thought and developed Alfa Approvals, a easy-to-use solution that extends the functionality of ERP systems to configure, manage and monitor enterprise approval processes by digitizing the entire workflow.

One solution, many benefits:

  • Flexibility: you won’t need to customize your application to build new processes, but you only need to change its configuration. This results in a significant reduction in time-to-market due to the reduced technical effort required to install and manage the solution.
  • Easy to use: to manage the approval workflow you will no longer need to enter the system, but simply access the solution by connecting from any device (smartphone, tablet, pc).
  • Paperless and mobile: to work in total mobility on scanned documents that are no longer printed on paper.
  • Collaboration: to increase the efficiency of the collaborative process through tasks and push notifications.
  • Integration: to extend the functionality of the enterprise ERP system, whatever it is. This solution is initially integrated with Oracle JDE E1, but can be easily adapted to any ERP system used by the company.
  • Tracking: To measure and monitor each step of the process using specific KPIs to identify bottlenecks and improvement points and efficient process reduces supply time by increasing the company’s competitiveness.

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