Alfa Sistemi strengthens its offer: the ERP solution specifically designed for “midsize” companies in the Machinery sector is born

15 April 2020

Alfa Sistemi has been a point of reference for over 20 years for many important companies operating in the Machinery sector specialising in the production and assembly of machines and/or plants.

Being the ICT Business Partner of these large production realities has allowed us to acquire a deep and complete knowledge of the specific business processes that characterize this sector. We decided to transform this many years of experience into an ERP solution, based on Oracle JDE E1, suitable for midsize companies operating in the same industry, which can be activated quickly and cost-effectively.

Alfa Sistemi’s solution for the Machinery sector offers functional coverage of the entire life cycle of the job order, from the budgeting phase to its closure and allows you to manage:

  • the multi-level orders (dates and work progress management);
  • the budgeting process;
  • the progress of engineering / design activities;
  • the supply for long lead time items;
  • the use of materials per order and/or per warehouse;
  • the account/work flow, account/assembly and the relationship with subcontractors;
  • the workloads for the various production sectors of the company;
  • the economic control of the contract (costs and margins);
  • guarantees and after-sales service.


Why choose it?

Because it is a web solution that can be integrated with other applications. It is a modular and “scalable” solution, which can also be used in “software as a service” mode with a subscription formula, configurable by duration and number of users on your real needs, able to grow with your company. In addition to covering all the main business processes, such as administration, sales, purchasing and production, it can also be easily integrated with a wide range of specialized applications (Business Intelligence, CRM, after-sales and many others) that can be activated at a later date.

Because, by connecting the company ERP with modern Artificial Intelligence applications, it will be possible to have a real time view of everything that happens in the company. It is a solution that can be easily integrated with Machine Learning tools for maximum benefit. By combining different tools, all production processes will be interconnected and controlled through the use of new digital technologies, sensors and wireless connections that interface directly with the company’s management system, thus improving overall equipment efficiency, reducing costs and maximizing uptime through, for example, process automation and the implementation of predictive models.

Because it guarantees a complete monitoring of the progress of the order from an economic, temporal and operational point of view.It is a cutting-edge solution, which allows the user to have updated “real time” information that ensures the implementation, in time, of any preventive and corrective actions.

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