The company Alfa Sistemi Thailand has been formed, to be there where and when it is needed

6 December 2019

Alfa Sistemi was born and raised in Italy, but we chose not to stop within national borders. We mainly turn to international companies, with the Italian parent company and a number of foreign subsidiaries, that have made the whole world their target market. These companies, after finishing the project on the Headquarters in Italy, ask us to extend the solution to other foreign subsidiaries, wherever they are. The more than 70 internationalization projects that we have completed to date in more than 30 countries around the world have pushed us towards a new challenge: establish a new company, Alfa Sistemi Thailand, in Bangkok to be even closer to our international customers in the Asia-Pacific area. The goal is to further improve the Application Maintenance service, ensuring the delivery of service on different time slots by offering timely and effective help to our customers’ Asia-Pacific branches.

ALFA APPLICATION MAINTENANCE TEAM: reliability and security, in Italy and abroad

We provide a complete package of services, from application to system maintenance, from user support to preventive monitoring. To give our customers the right support in using the Oracle JD Edwards solution. To be there, where and when you need.

  • TIME ZONE – The operation of the Thailand office ensures the delivery of the Application Maintenance service on the different time slots;
  • LANGUAGE – Local staff (Thai and Chinese) working alongside our team of experts will help resolve tickets by eliminating language misunderstandings;
  • QUALITY STANDARD – The governance of the service is managed by the Italian headquarters to ensure the same level of quality as Alfa Sistemi.

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