We are at your side to support you in the proper use of Oracle solutions.
We provide a complete package of services, from application maintenance to system maintenance, both in Italy and abroad.

To be there, where and when needed.

Service Characteristics

In line with our mission of creating long-lasting relationships with our customers, we offer them an Application Maintenance (AM) service specifically designed to support and accompany them during the evolution of their business.

We provide our customers with a team of both functional and technical consultants, with proven experience in Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, multilingual and available 24×7.

We are therefore able to offer a full and continuous support service to both Italian companies and their foreign subsidiaries. The AM Service Team is also led by a Service Manager, a dedicated reference point for the customer, whose role is to qualify and harmonize the services provided and to ensure full compliance with the established SLAs.

The goal is to provide the customer with a support service on Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne that is both effective and proactive, not only capable of solving problems related to the daily operation of users, but also of supporting them in the evolving activities of the ERP system, resulting from the company’s business development. We also offer a systematic, proactive and reactive monitoring service of the system’s infrastructure components, guaranteeing the customer the full reliability and continuity of their applications

Service Delivery


The AM service provided on the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne management system can also be extended to the various other applications used by customers such as, for example, Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Primavera. It is therefore a highly configurable service, which is tailor-made on the basis of the specific needs of the customer.

To enhance the quality of the service offered, we are also equipped with a top-level solution for managing the Contact Center: Oracle Service Cloud. This solution allows customers to contact our AM team the way they prefer: by telephone, by mail or by creating a support request directly on the service portal. By accessing its own site on the portal, the customer can also constantly check the status of the requests sent, their number and also the compliance with the contracted SLAs.

Specifically we deal with:

  • User Support: we provide you with all the indications and explanations you need to properly use a particular function of the application (how to use?);
  • Functional technical support: we help you manage and solve any problems and errors in JDE management system;
  • Technological support: we are involved in systematic, proactive and reactive monitoring of the infrastructure components of the system.

Alfa Sistemi Thailand

In 2019 we established Alfa Sistemi Thailand, based in Bangkok, to be even closer to our international customers. The efficiency of this office allows us to ensure the provision of Application Maintenance service at different times of the day, offering timely and effective help to our customers' Asia-Pacific subsidiaries, ensuring them the maximum possible coverage and assistance.

To guarantee the same level of quality, the governance of the service is managed by the Italian headquarters and the daily activities of Alfa Sistemi Thailand are guided on site directly by senior Alfa personnel. The combination of local staff working with our team of experts allows us to achieve a twofold benefit: on the one hand, we can count on the technical and technological know-how of the former and, on the other, we can take advantage of the language skills (Thai and Chinese) of local staff to help resolve tickets by eliminating any misunderstandings.