If you also consider human resources as a source of a unique, long-lasting competitive advantage that cannot be imitated over time, then you can understand the importance of having a tool that can support their management. Human resources can play a key role in determining the company’s success, generating essential added value to improve productivity and efficiency within the company.
High-performance companies use technological solutions such Oracle Human Capital Management (HCM) to generate value through strategic management of resources employed with a view to enhancing and involving people, thus maximizing the investment made in human capital.
The Oracle HCM solution transforms traditional HR administrative functions (hiring, training, compensation, and performance management) into opportunities to drive commitment, productivity, and business value.
It is an integrated and complete solution for a correct management of Human Resources that includes:

  • Global Human Resources: to easily align your company’s HR processes at an international level, while being able to customize them according to the needs of the different countries of interest.
  • Talent Management: to manage the entire lifecycle of resources in an agile way, from recruiting to retirement, managing objectives and performance, rewarding performance achieved, offering continuous learning and planning their career paths.
  • Workforce Rewards: for personalised management of the remuneration of resources through the adoption of diversified remuneration systems and benefit programmes.
  • Workforce Management: to improve the efficiency of the workforce by reducing time, costs and risks also through the automation of certain processes.
  • Work Life Solutions: to help resources find the right work-life balance, thereby increasing their involvement and, consequently, their productivity.
  • HCM Analysis: to simplify HR Operations and anticipate trends through predictive analysis of future employee behavior.

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A complete suite for a correct management of Human Resources, a single and simple tool to manage all HR services, from the search for new talent, to career planning, to the presence/absence analysis of each resource. The results will be, on the one hand, a higher productivity of your workforce thanks to their greater involvement and, on the other, an increase in efficiency due to the simplification of decision-making processes through the use of reliable reports and data.