Historically in the IT landscape there is a multitude of needs that are not met by an ERP system. That’s why it is important to ask oneself the following questions:

  • What are the tools required for safe, structured and powerful communication for my company?
  • How can I create an organic technology ecosystem where users can maximize the value of their work while reducing their workload?

We have acquired a long experience in the design and development of “Collaborative Applications” by implementing many vertical applications and redesigning many organizational processes. That is why today we can give you a valuable contribution to:

  • Domain analysis and technology consulting;
  • impact analysis and technical design;
  • Implementation of technological integration solutions, vertical applications, web portals and mobile applications;
  • Technology-partnership for start-ups.

We offer solutions, not technologies.

Although we have multi-year Oracle experience (for example, Oracle Middleware ™, Oracle SOA ™, or Oracle ADF ™), we have chosen not to be tied to a specific platform, focusing instead on offering solutions that maximize the benefit perceived by each customer. Many of our successful projects have been achieved through the use of Enterprise-level Open Source technologies, such as Liferay Web Portal, Spring MVC, Intalio, Alfresco ECM, Alfresco Activiti, JBpm, WildFly and many others, on which we have acquired a long experience.

You can read more on SOFTWARE FACTORY solutions.


Spring MVC is a framework for creating web applications based on the MVC model. It allows you to map Java methods and classes with specific url, create internationalized applications, and manage customized themes.


Thanks to the Service Oriented architecture and Oracle ADF (Java Framework), application development is made easier and faster.


Oracle Fusion Middleware is the digital business platform for companies and the cloud environment. It allows businesses to create and manage agile smart business applications and maximize IT efficiency through the use of modern hardware and software architectures.


A modular, flexible, configurable and easy to use solution also from mobile (compatible with both Android and iOS) able to centralize all requests in a single point simplifying, speeding up and improving the efficiency of the approval process. Alfa Approvals puts the user at the center of the approval workflow: through a dedicated tasklist each person involved visualizes the requests in charge, consults the progress, manages the delegations and much more. In this way, access times to requests and approval times are reduced. It is natively integrated with Oracle JDE E1, but easily adapts to the different management systems used by companies.


We develop tailor-made APPs for SALES AGENTS. Unique solutions, created based on the specific business processes of your company, to best support the work of your sales force. These solutions help to increase the performance of your agents who can work flexibly using smartphones or tablets in an agile, secure and extremely easy and intuitive way.
Do your sales agents often work in places without an internet connection? No problem, the applications allow you to create orders even in "offline" mode. And, once connected, push notifications will keep agents updated on the progress of their orders.
In addition, our Apps, always available for both iOS and Android, can be integrated with the company management system for an even simpler and more integrated management of order collection.