Do you work, or would you like to work abroad, but you do not know how to manage information systems outside of Italy?

We specialize in providing the right technology support to those Italian companies that decide to operate globally. To date, we have completed over 70 Oracle information system roll-out projects around the world, thanks to a model that is based on two simple assumptions:

  • We do not hire local Oracle partner consultancy companies. Each project is developed and conducted directly by our staff alongside that of the foreign subsidiary of the customer, offering our experience in the field;
  • We are convinced that any roll-out project of an information system is not just an extension of the software in the various subsidiaries, but the opportunity to convey to the other companies the operational model, business culture and the modus operandi of the Italian leader.

Our approach is made possible by the experience and the best practices that we have consolidated as the strategic partner and system integrator of some of the most important Italian industrial companies oriented to the global market. Every new project represents an opportunity to become a unique interlocutor and reference partner for our customers, not only nationally but also internationally.

The Alfa Abroad team dedicated to international clients and the on-site follow-up of foreign subsidiaries is made up of Project Managers and Developers with experience gained during more than 20 years of business.

We accompany our customers wherever their business needs to be developed