Thanks to the skills and multi-year experience of our specialists, we are able to intervene transversally on projects of different fields, including:

  • Engineering & Construction;
  • Industrial Equipment;
  • Food & Beverage;
  • Fashion;
  • General Business;
  • Alliances.

The know-how of our teams on Oracle technology and applications, allows us to support System Integrators on individual stages of development as well as on a whole project phase, always guaranteeing very high levels of quality of work.


As subcontractors, we provide support on existing projects, thanks to the competence and multi-year experience of our specialists, who intervene transversally in the different technological sectors.

The use of methodologies, processes and metrics for the implementation and development of Oracle products and solutions, the use of market technology standards and continuous training programs, both internal and provided by Oracle, are for our customers a guarantee of a constantly high level of quality.

In the foreign market we operate using different modalities:


  • Off site or on site;
  • With a “turn-key” or “time&material” agreement.

Our technicians/developers intervene to support the project teams at the customer’s location, to  provide specific know-how and cope with workflows, delivering services on three major products / suites:

  1. Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne
    Dedicated team consisting of consultants expert in business processes, coming from the fields of finance, planning and production, sales and supply areas.
  2. Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF)
    from customer needs analysis to design, implementation and testing of solutions.
  3. Java
    Design and development of customized solutions with Java language, such as portals or web apps.



These are the strengths that drive ICT consulting companies and Oracle international partners to choose us:

  • An in-depth consolidated know-how of our teams on Oracle technology and applications, thanks to multi-year experience as System Integrators;
  • Our ability to take full responsibility for a single phase of development as well as an entire design phase, always guaranteeing very high levels of quality of work;
  • Our commitment, strong and steady, to deliver the projects on time, respecting the budget;
  • Our standards, always excellent, at affordable prices.
ERP systems - How can you best manage your company’s processes?

Flexible, modular, scalable, suitable for a national or international context, easy to use both from fixed and mobile workstations, ERP systems represent the best solution for managing the processes of your company: Active Cycle, Passive Cycle, Logistics and Warehouse, Planning, Production, Administration and Management Control.

We support you in the choice and implementation of ERP systems with services applied to:

  • Projects of Analysis of company processes
  • Software Selection
  • ERP implementation
  • ERP Roll-out both in Italy and abroad
  • Upgrade of ERP systems to the latest versions
  • Integrations of the ERP systems with different business applications
  • Application maintenance on existing systems.

Our objective is twofold:

  1. Provide you with the best tools available on the market for the complete management of your business;
  2. Offer you solutions to look beyond your current business and adapt it to changes in the digital economy.

You can read more on our ERP solutions.


Thanks to the applications available in Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), among which are Financials, Procurement, Project Portfolio Management and others, you can optimize your business processes by increasing productivity, reducing costs, and improving controls.


E-Business Suite (EBS) allows customers to manage the complexity of global business environments through hundreds of cross-sectoral features. As part of the Oracle Applications Unlimited strategy, EBS applications will continue to be improved, protecting and enhancing the value of client and partner software investments.


JD Edwards remains one of the most complete functional ERP solutions on the market, offering the choice, innovation and sector-based software necessary to transform business operations for the modern digital economy. In a cloud-focused market, JD Edwards continues to invest in helping customers keep pace and exploit the latest technologies.

BUSINESS ANALYTICS – Can data be transformed into knowledge?

Sharing information that is reliable, punctual, and qualitatively valid, offers a competitive advantage in the market by giving value to your business. Interpretation of performance and needs as they emerge favors more conscious and consistent decisions. Our Business Intelligence solutions enable you to develop effective analyses, create interactive layouts and dashboards, and make reports using your data to benefit from self-service information, that is autonomously without the help of qualified staff, always having with you the answers relevant to your role with the ability to access them quickly at any time, in any place or in any way.

Our consultants can guide you through the process of collection, integration, transformation and enhancement of data, also thanks to pre-configured solutions of Enterprise Data Warehouse that allow you to reduce implementation times and take immediate advantage of past information as a tool to the simulate and plan for the future.

You can read more on our BUSINESS ANALYTICS solutions.



The BI suite includes enterprise reporting, dashboards, ad-hoc analyses, multi-dimensional OLAPs, scorecards, and predictive analyses. Oracle Business Intelligence is based on integrated web-service-oriented architectures and can handle data from heterogeneous platforms, including relational and multidimensional data sources, and the major ERPs and CRMs.


Oracle Hyperion Enterprise Performance Management offers an integrated complete suite of applications with interfaces, reporting tools, mobile information and Web and MS Office administration. The latest product added to EPM Cloud offers an innovative solution to meet the needs of collaborative planning, forecasting and discourse reporting, addressing an internal and external public.

PROJECT MANAGEMENT - Does your company work on projects or to order?

How important is it to be able to accurately handle the timing and costs of a project, observe the deadlines and monitor the resources used?

The answer is simple, especially if your business works to order: every project is different from the previous one, with special features that make it unique, and dealing with a whole process (from design to delivery) is a path that may have many difficulties.

For companies that work to order, there is no standardized activity or  production, so there is a strong need to be able to monitor processes, govern them, and start any corrective activities as quickly as possible.

We specialize in the implementation of Enterprise class solutions, in order to manage enterprise projects, programs and portfolios in an integrated way, ensuring accurate resource, time and cost tracking.

You can read more about our solutions for PROJECT MANAGEMENT


Primavera Unifier offers a full range of management and administration tools for all project phases, from planning to design and operation, thus enabling companies to effectively manage capital and building plans.


Primavera P6 EPPM (Enterprise Project Portfolio Management) is the Project management solution for the company that works for projects. The solution allows you to prioritize, plan, manage and define projects, programs and portfolios; it is oriented to Top Management, to offer a cross section of existing and future projects, as well as to Project Managers and Program Managers.


Alfa Sistemi provides a number of services to support Planning and Project Control activities by offering companies its own staff, highly specialized in the use of Primavera P6 and Microsoft Project applications, for the role of "Temporary Planner" in order to support the client company in the management of their own orders and their own sites, with presence on site both in Italy and abroad.


Activities that may involve installation, deployment, configuration, and customization through ad hoc developments Oracle Primavera solutions. Development of interfaces starting from business application analysis. Support and training, both standard and ad hoc, through shadowing days or specific training paths depending on customer needs.

CRM and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE – How well do you know your customers?

Are you aware of how many and what opportunities you have to generate value from the in-depth knowledge of a customer’s features, tastes, and needs?

Not only will you be able to maintain their loyalty, but you will also be able to develop new business opportunities with them. A company that knows its customers well has all the tools to increase their degree of satisfaction. And a satisfied customer is always a double advantage because he will not only continue to buy but he will be the first to refer, in turn, the brand, product or service to his contacts.

Thanks to our experience in implementing SaaS solutions for customer’s multi-channel management (from the commercial proposal to post-sales support phase) we are able to provide you with all the tools you need to structure, manage and create value thanks to a 360 ° Customer Experience.

You can read more on our CRM and CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE solutions.


It allows the company to easily connect with its customers and respond in a timely and effective way to their requests, whether it is to offer customer service on the Web, create a cross-channel contact centre, provide timely service in the field , connect informational silos or adhere to policies and regulations.


Oracle Sales Cloud in three words: visibility, management and collaboration to establish relationships and close sales negotiations. A mobile solution that allows you to manage the entire life cycle of a sale through the integration of a complete set of features with Collaboration tools and Social networks that promote information sharing and a 360 ° view of the customer between the different business functions (Sales, Service e Marketing). The solution assumes a different role according to the needs of the user. For the Commercial is an easy to use tool that allows you to spend less time on daily operations, to take advantage of the information in real time and to plan its operation (calendars, call, visits). The solution allows the Sales Manager to identify the high probability sales of success by analyzing and monitoring the data collected, to transform the insight into concluded sales and to define individual goals that conform to the corporate sales strategy in order to maximize the team's performance and bridge the gap between predictions and results.


Offer your customers an efficient and quality after-sales service. Oracle Field Service Cloud supports the advanced planning of field interventions suggesting the best possible organization of the activities of the work teams based on the actual capacity of men and vehicle, the skills and equipment available, the geographic position and the customer's priorities. The solution, natively mobile, makes available to the technician who works on the field all the information necessary to carry out and report their intervention, also facilitating collaboration with colleagues and management to solve the problem.

SOFTWARE FACTORY - How much is technology integration worthwhile for you?

Historically in the IT landscape there is a multitude of needs that are not met by an ERP system. That’s why it is important to ask oneself the following questions:

  • What are the tools required for safe, structured and powerful communication for my company?
  • How can I create an organic technology ecosystem where users can maximize the value of their work while reducing their workload?

We have acquired a long experience in the design and development of “Collaborative Applications” by implementing many vertical applications and redesigning many organizational processes. That is why today we can give you a valuable contribution to:

  • Domain analysis and technology consulting;
  • impact analysis and technical design;
  • Implementation of technological integration solutions, vertical applications, web portals and mobile applications;
  • Technology-partnership for start-ups.
  • We offer solutions, not technologies.

We offer solutions, not technology

Although we have multi-year Oracle experience (for example, Oracle Middleware ™, Oracle SOA ™, or Oracle ADF ™), we have chosen not to be tied to a specific platform, focusing instead on offering solutions that maximize the benefit perceived by each customer. Many of our successful projects have been achieved through the use of Enterprise-level Open Source technologies, such as Liferay Web Portal, Spring MVC, Intalio, Alfresco ECM, Alfresco Activiti, JBpm, WildFly and many others, on which we have acquired a long experience.

You can read more on SOFTWARE FACTORY  solutions.


Spring MVC is a framework for creating web applications based on the MVC model. It allows you to map Java methods and classes with specific url, create internationalized applications, and manage customized themes.


Thanks to the Service Oriented architecture and Oracle ADF (Java Framework), application development is made easier and faster.


Oracle Fusion Middleware is the digital business platform for companies and the cloud environment. It allows businesses to create and manage agile smart business applications and maximize IT efficiency through the use of modern hardware and software architectures.

TECHNOLOGY - What IT infrastructure best suits your needs?

Thanks to our experience and deep knowledge of the different market segments, we are able to offer you the answers to identify the most appropriate technological solutions for your business goals.

  • The best infrastructures for your Oracle applications
    We offer advice on sizing, choice, configuration and startup of the technology infrastructure that best suits your company’s features.
  • More powerful Oracle databases
    We support you in the analysis, sizing, and tuning activities of your Oracle needs.
  • Safer Information Systems
    We offer the backup and disaster recovery solutions that best fit your needs.
  • It exploits the potential of the Cloud
    Thanks to our multi-year collaboration with a Data Center of excellence, we can offer you Cloud-based solutions and support you in identifying the best Cloud Infrastructure proposals present in the market.
  • It preserves your IT infrastructure effectively, fully and consistently
    We can offer you technology support services for proactive monitoring of your Oracle infrastructures and applications.

You can read more on our TECHNOLOGY solutions.


Systems that can reduce costs on business processes, ensuring greater efficiency and speed. Oracle engineered systems are "pre-assembled" to maximize integration activities and enable new services to be deployed quickly.


The Oracle database guarantees maximum security, scalability and simplicity. Now companies can take advantage of the benefits of the cloud without compromises.


Oracle Fusion Middleware is the digital business platform for companies and the cloud environment. It allows businesses to create and manage agile smart business applications and maximize IT efficiency through the use of modern hardware and software architectures.

AM SERVICE TEAM - Do you need help to make the most of your applications?

We have a highly specialized team specifically designed to solve those little problems that may arise during our users’ daily activities.

Specifically we deal with:

  • User Support: we provide you with all the indications and explanations you need to properly use a particular function of the application (how to use?);
  • Functional technical support: we help you manage and solve any problems and errors in JDE management system;
  • Technological support: we are involved in systematic, proactive and reactive monitoring of the infrastructure components of the system.

Application Maintenance (AM) service is normally delivered on the Oracle JD Edwards EnterpriseOne management system, but can also be extended to the various applications such as Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management, Oracle Primavera.

And if your business grows, develops, and you need to update your applications? Our consultants can also be at your side during the evolving activities of your ERP system, giving you the right support whenever you need an upgrade.

Our goal is to offer you a complete continuous service that can accompany you throughout your journey!

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ALFA ABROAD TEAM - Do you want a partner who is able to follow you abroad too?

Do you work, or would you like to work abroad, but you do not know how to manage information systems outside of Italy?

We specialize in providing the right technology support to those Italian companies that decide to operate globally. We do not hire local consulting firms, but we personally take care of on-site follow-up by sending our staff directly to the foreign subsidiaries.

We have already completed 60 international roll-out projects around the world, touching 30 countries spread across all 5 continents. This translates into experience, and we have the necessary experience to accompany you wherever your business needs to be developed!

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