The challenge of this project was to completely renew the customer’s technology and information platform, who possessed obsolete computer architecture and a series of applications not fully integrated with each other.

The complexity of the collective catering business – chain traceability, reduced timing of commissions, flexibility and responsiveness to daily change – required a delicate integration of flows and data between the Purchasing / Operations and the Sales / Administration section. The project developed in the following phases:

  • Between the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013, we supported the customer during the initial phase of analysis and review of internal processes by designing a new corporate control model;
  • Throughout 2013, with the acquisition of Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One version 9.1, we developed the implementation project with all its related activities, up to operator training across the country;
  • 2014 was the go-live year of the Oracle JD Edwards solution for head office and all operating units, with full coverage of all Passive Cycle, Quality, Production/Meal Delivery, Active Contracts and Finance Processes;
  • Between the end of 2014 and the beginning of 2015, we were involved in launching Oracle Business Intelligence for internal reporting management, integrating it with Oracle JD Edwards;
  • From 2016 to the present, we have dealt with application and evolutionary maintenance in Oracle JD Edwards and Business Intelligence.
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Technical Manager (CNC)
  • 5 Oracle JDE Functional Consultants
  • 3 Technical Developer Consultants
  • 1 Oracle BI Technical Consultant
  • Provide the customer with a single centralized information system that can continuously integrate Operations department information with that of the Sales, Finance and Control departments, allowing a constant monitoring of the stock situation, updating the accounting part at the same time that operational transactions are done and control of overall economic performance on multiple levels;
  • Ensure compliance with the main standards for traceability and trackability of food or raw ingredients, with the possibility of monitoring and extracting data that will enable the reconstruction of the routes taken by specific company supply batches;
  • Allow management of sales contracts in line with the peculiarities of the business (detection of delivered meals, active billing details, contract details of specific customers, revenue management and fees).
  • Provide an integrated accounting model that allows both current administrative management and a control model of operating units (performance indicators for individual units), office locations, commissions or projects, with the help of allocation tools, reclassifications and reports directly managed by users;
  • Provide an entirely web-based technology architecture that can be tailored to various solutions, scalable, on Oracle databases;
  • Allow specific masks and archives to be built with all other information according to the specific business needs (such as archives and reports for recipes, mass balance, car park management, fuel expense sheets management, etc).

Complete renewal of information architecture. Outsource all the technology (hardware, software, mailing, etc.). Change the entire application management platform.

External Operational Units involved
Departments involved in Headquarters

Collective Catering

Collective Catering

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