16 October 2017

For many companies the “must have” that they can not renounce seems to be the cloud! But why is it the best solution?

This brief article taken from “Application Development with Oracle Cloud” aims to explain how using Oracle Cloud can facilitate business development, maximizing productivity and speed through the creation of highly-integrated and easy-to-use cloud-based applications.

  • Is it taking too much time to your company to respond to market needs?
  • Is your data center too large with many data stored and keeping it up to date requires a lot of time and money?
  • Do your development and operations teams have difficulty coordinating their activities and sharing information?

If you answered positively to only one of above questions, than your organization might be a candidate for Oracle Cloud application!

Oracle Cloud represents the industry’s most comprehensive cloud-based application development offering. It spans the Infrastructure (IaaS), Platform (PaaS), and Application (SaaS) layers and includes private, public, and hybrid cloud deployment options, with the same underlying technology in each category for easy interoperability among them.

With the support of these Oracle applications, companies can:

  • Create a highly responsive development organization, supporting business changes and innovation;
  • Facilitate the creation of an flexible work environment;
  • Focus their attention on data analysis to improve business processes and avoid “waste time” on infrastructure issues;
  • Develop collaboration between members of the same team and among the others working groups;
  • Simplify access to information by making them available in real time and accessible anywhere via mobile devices;
  • Monitor work in progress and prevent any risks;
  • Limit costs.

For companies, there is also the possibility to customize cloud applications in order to have a perfect support tool capable to fully respond to their specific requirements. The so-called Cloud-Native Apps are specifically developed for cloud platforms, to run on cloud platforms, and these applications are simple and intuitive, easy to create and manage.

Oracle enables you to move applications from your data center to the public cloud and back again with automated migration tools. Consequently, this reduces both the costs and the risks associated with the transfer of data.

Therefore, it seems easy to understand why many companies have chosen cloud-based solutions, developing, improving and simplifying their IT environment. Many, including many big brands, have decided to rely on Oracle to develop their business … and what are you waiting for?


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