Alfa Sistemi today officially presented a project that aims to eliminate single-use plastics within the company’s offices

14 October 2019

Alfa Sistemi strengthens its position in favor of sustainability and focuses on “Plastic Free” by reducing the use of single-use plastics in all company locations. A first step had already been taken last year by choosing to remove plastic from the company canteen in favor of cutlery and plates in reusable material. This year another great and important innovation is introduced in the company to reduce pollution and safeguard the environment.

The initiative includes the construction of a special machinery that will ensure the quality of drinking water distributed at different locations and the distribution of reusable stainless steel thermal bottles.

“The choice to adopt sustainable policies, even in the daily office life, is linked to the desire to reaffirm our commitment to environmental protection focusing on reducing the use of plastics. It might just sound like a small gesture, but it contains a great message:we can really be the architects of change starting from the small daily gestures”, comments Ferruccio Meroi, President and CEO of the company, promoter of the initiative.


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