Oracle JD Edwards, ERP moves to the cloud: Eurolls’ Success Story

4 December 2020

Alfa Sistemi continues to accompany companies that use Oracle JDE E1 as their ERP system in the transformation of their IT to the cloud. Although very different in terms of industry and size, they all share a common desire to exploit the potential and benefits of Oracle Cloud.

Thanks to twenty years of experience with JDE EnterpriseOne systems and the potential of Oracle IaaS and PaaS, Alfa Sistemi is able to realise the benefits of cloud computing, such as reduced costs for the purchase and maintenance of hardware and increased performance of the Oracle Database provided as a service by the vendor itself. Not only that, Alfa Sistemi, in line with its Mission, continues to accompany the customer even after the transition to the cloud, through the supply of specialised system support services provided by its own dedicated team.

Eurolls SpA: Choosing the cloud accompanied by a release upgrade as a strategy to beat the competition

The company, a world leader in the production of Steel and Tungsten Carbide Rolled Products for the Tube and Wire Industry, has been a leading supplier of welded tube and pipe products and services for over 30 years.

In order to maintain a leading role in the market, Eurolls is constantly looking for innovative ICT solutions. Alfa Sistemi responded by proposing and implementing a moving project and contextual upgrade to release 9.2 of the Oracle JDE E1 system on OCIOracle Cloud Infrastructure – in order to exploit the full potential of an advanced ERP system. Alfa Sistemi, aware of the business’s need to react quickly and effectively to market changes, carried out the entire project in just 5 months using a tried and tested methodology that has been continually perfected thanks to numerous successfully completed projects; a methodology that makes it possible to guarantee compliance with deadlines, consistency of results with shared objectives and cost certainty.

Matteo Mastronardi, Manager and CIO of Alfa Sistemi, has no doubt about it: “Cloud solutions make it possible to combine the market’s need for dynamism and agility with the reactivity required of IT, while harmonising costs with business development. Thanks to Oracle’s offering and our experience, we are able to offer companies a sizing consistent with their needs and, thanks to our knowledge of cloud paradigms, to evolve the service on the basis of future needs. This, along with the security and reliability of Oracle Data Centres, is the big advantage of cloud systems compared to on-premise systems: being able to pay only what you need today and not what you might need in the future“.

We have always looked for innovative solutions that would give us the right competitive edge in the market; moving to a cloud infrastructure was the right strategy at the time“, says Andrea Modotti, Head of Information Systems at Eurolls.

Thanks to the project led by Alfa Sistemi, Eurolls now has a cutting-edge, efficient ERP system to meet current and future business needs. A few weeks ago, it was announced that Eurolls will be launching a Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 project which, thanks to the new system integration potential and Oracle technology, can be taken as a model.

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