Nomination, following the legacy of the tradition of Florentine goldsmiths, has been able, for more than thirty years, to combine the taste of fine and accurate craftsmanship, typical of “made in Italy“, with state of the art of technological evolution. Thanks to this combination of craftsmanship and innovation, unique and recognizable jewellery originated, not only for the workmanship, but also for the technical solutions they represent and the materials that make them up. The company’s iconic product is the COMPOSABLE bracelet, world-renowned for its design quality, combination of materials and powerful communication language.

The project renewal of the business information system, which began in early 2015 following a careful selection phase that ended with the choice of Oracle JDE E1, had to take into account many factors, primarily the business sector of Nomination: the fashion world, of which the company is a renowned exponent, is in fact based on peculiar characteristics such as seasonality and the continuous need to design, implement and propose to the market new models and new collections, that could also be related to certain events or occurrences.

In Nomination all these aspects, typical of the field, are even more emphasized in relation to the world of modular jewellery, which by their very nature are highly customizable in terms of materials, subjects, sizes and finishes. Every single jewel realized therefore has a highly unique character, which makes it more similar to a hand-made product than a mass-produced piece; this, however, is in the context of a worldwide market and with countless extremely high-volume items.

The Oracle JDE E1 management solution was therefore to combine the vocation of  Nomination for tailor-made products  with the processes, control and performance of a competitive SME on the global market.

The project, which lasted a total of 9 months, developed in the following phases:

  • In the first place, a thorough analysis of both business processes and information flows was carried out; this analysis was realized in the formulation and formalization of a business management model, subsequently shared with the Management of Nomination;
  • Based on the shared model, the Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One software configuration phase, in its most up-to-date version, and personalization development, was launched, with the aim of making a tailor-made solution capable of perfectly meeting the needs of the Customer;
  • Particularly important was the ability to communicate the ERP system with the other software solutions already in use in Nomination, with the aim of providing the company with an integrated management system, open outwards, in particular towards the worlds of  Customers, Suppliers and Retail;
  • The go-live of the new system, which took place on 1/1/2016, was preceded by intense testing of the  implemented solution, migration of data from the previous application and training to end users.

A key aspect of the project has been to guarantee Nomination extremely high solution performances, capable of supporting the company’s rhythms, also and above all during the peak periods of business, providing users with a fast system of immediate responses. This was made possible thanks to the adoption of an entirely “Oracle on Oracle” infrastructure, where hardware, databases, operating systems and ERP system are engineered to work together in order to achieve maximum performance.

  • 1 Project Manager
  • 1 Technical Project Manager (Oracle CNC)
  • 3 Functional Consultants
  • 2 Developers
  • Provide the Customer with a unique centralized information system that can integrate and maintain real-time information from a diverse set of sources, easily scalable in adherence  to  the evolution of business: from the B2B company portal for the world, to e-commerce for B2C channel, to data from owned stores;
  • Develop a management model that combines business specificities with company features and high quality standards offered to the Customer;
  • Provide easy management of the process of creating and sending accessory materials (ad hoc advertising material for individual products or for individual types of customers);
  • Ensure effective and efficient operation of the various business areas: support in the management of the entire sales network’s commission system, represented by agents worldwide; logistics control through careful and precise automated planning of over 300 daily shipments; Supply Chain control through integration with the external production network;
  • Ensure compliance with the main legal regulations related to both the traceability of precious material, through the prompt reconstruction of valuable raw material supply pathways, and its intrinsic characteristics like the presence of allergens.

"I followed the choice, training and implementation of JDE in our company in all its phases and peculiarities. For Nomination it has been a major challenge and the Alfa Sistemi team has been able to support our workgroup very well, even though the first months were exciting and stressful, as typically happens in similar situations. My compliments must go to the management of our partner, who have always had a role of support and exemplary coordination. The management system, in addition to the expected performances of such an evolved system, has allowed our staff to be part of a general internal corporate change and to lay the foundations for an always closer collaboration between the various departments."

Monica Tiozzo
Managing Director of Nomination administration area and HR

The Oracle JDE E1 ERP system has enhanced the already excellent quality standards of Nomination processes and products, giving the company time-to-market speed and very high precision in the governance of its processes.

Articles produced in one year
Deliveries worldwide per month
New collections launched after JDE installation
New models to be managed after JDE installation
Connected sales agents
Monobrand connected in Italy
Franchises supplied around the world
Worldwide point of sale


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