When the customer Pietro Fiorentini – a leading group in product and service delivery for natural gas distribution and use – contacted us, he had already been using the ERP Oracle JDE E1 solution for several years.

The challenge we took up with enthusiasm was to implement the ETO solution to allow the coexistence of the to order  and the make to order models. It was a particularly complex task, having to work on an already existing and working solution, by installing an integrated model to the existing system.

In-depth knowledge of customer business processes, acquired through our multi-year experience as an ICT business partner of one of the world’s leading industry players, has enabled us to act effectively, quickly and proactively, suggesting concrete solutions to customer’s pain points.


  • 1 Project Manager
  • 5 Business Analysts
  • 2 Developers
  • 2 Software Engineers
  • Manage time and cost over the entire cycle of orders, from proposal to final commissioning;
  • Manage the macro-planning of the order portfolio (both already acquired and still in the bidding process) with resource-loading simulation scenarios at the enterprise level;
  • Simplify the quarterly closing transactions needed to reach the order Profit and Loss;
  • Punctually allocate all costs / revenues of the order;
  • Manage individual orders in terms of progress and reprogramming on the basis of their dependence constraints;
  • Establish a unique flow of information from the customer RFQ to the end of the invoicing;
  • Create an offer portfolio and “interactive” order portfolio, updated with GANTT and Shopfloor, with the possibility of simulations.

"The reliability, modularity and completeness of the ERP ORACLE JDE is well known and I would say expected, the difference between good and bad implementation is down to the project team, if the System Integrator has the capacity and the skills and can work in synergy with the customer, who in turn must ensure professionalism and commitment, the ability to focus on the project goals in accordance with deadlines and budgeted costs is very high."

Romeo Menti - Chief Information Officer at Pietro Fiorentini SpA

"To thrive it is necessary to change; to stand out, it is best to do it better and faster than others. We are overwhelmed with information, the problem is we do not know how to use it to make decisions. The challenge is to convey the information, to understand the meaning and to distribute it so as to address the actions and facilitate the decision-making process. All in real time."

Luca Zaffaina - Engineering & Production Manager at Pietro Fiorentini SpA


Thanks to a thorough knowledge of the business and the reference market we have implemented an ETO solution to allow the coexistence of the to order  and the make to order models. We teamed up with the client working through all phases of the project, from process analysis to post-start, with the Agile methodology. The go-live, ahead of schedule, took place within 10 months of the first contact with the customer.

Subjects affected by the change
Divisions active on the new module
Reduction of the number of excel sheets
Pain points resolved

Pietro Fiorentini


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