8 August 2017

Is there any better way to clarify than directly ask to interested parties and people involved?

This is what Oracle decided to do, by starting a research, entitled You&IaaS – Imparare dal successo dei primi utenti di Infrastructure as a Service”, with the world’s leading companies in order to identify advantages and disadvantages of adopting Iaas technology.

1.614 senior level IT professionals (including 202 from Italy) have been interviewed in order to collect data, views and expectations on the use of Iaas technology and on cloud infrastructure implementation status of firms in which they work. What emerged is that those who have already adopted Iaas solutions dont have any second thoughts, and also can no longer make it without it.

Research showed that those who are already using cloud-based infrastructures are convinced of the link between Iaas solutions and operations performance improvement because of the following features: availability, continuity, speed, flexibility and compatibility.

The market is changing very quickly but the time now is ripe: the companies, thanks also to the actions of the IT managers, are switching from local architecture to the cloud-based one.  Nowadays all companies, regardless of their geographic region or sector, are forced to continuously bring innovations to market in order to remain competitive.

  • 60% of respondents declare that those who will not embrace this change will be left too far behind and will struggle to keep up with competitors in the market at the risk of losing the competitive race.

Fabio Spoletini – Oracle Italy Country Manager – comments: “Until recently, when talking about moving to the cloud, we realized that the perception of users was not aligned with reality. The cloud was still something relatively new for many companies and some myths of the past keep resisting. Now, things changed, we see many successes and satisfaction has spread. Thanks to the infrastructure in the cloud we are saving costs, reducing complexity and developing major innovations. Those who still resist to the change should try to overcome the perceptions that are hindering them, otherwise they will be left behind the market.”.

However, the spread of this technology, born less than 10 years ago, was not so fast because it had to overcome skepticism and preconceptions that have led many companies to make resistance to change.

The main factors that had an negative effect and act as a barrier were some negative perceptions related to security (50%), to the rapid obsolescence of new technologies (49%), to the complexity of use (48%), and the fear of loss of control (47%). But those who have already invested in Infrastructure As A Service denies the presence of these “false myths”.

  • 58% of respondents believe that putting Iaas at the center of IT should be considered the best practice, especially in terms of safety;
  • 64% of users declares that the transition to Iaas technology was much easier than he expected and that migration was not so complicated;
  • 44% of companies intend to completely rely on Iaas infrastructure within the next 3 years and the 77% is willing to at least partially adopt this technology;
  • 68% of subjects polled believes that Iaas can facilitate innovation; and the 50% that can improve business performance.

In conclusion, the research highlights that Iaas technology acquired a specific role in  the IT scenario that continues to evolve. The trend is: less doubts and prejudices (although they are not completely disappeared) and more companies that invest in the cloud.









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