Oracle Field Service Cloud: the right support to manage the entire field service process

23 January 2019

Comparing ourselves with customers from different business areas, We have found the common need to efficiently improve the organisation and management of field interventions. Installations, preventive, planned and extraordinary maintenance, and in general all activities requiring the engagement of teams and equipment are activities that force the company to make a significant effort to be planned efficiently.

Alfa Sistemi responds to this requirement by proposing to its customers the adoption of Oracle Field Service Cloud, a widespread solution in Italy and all over the world.  A solution that, integrated into a ticketing system or adopted in stand-alone mode, guarantees the company an effective scheduling of the activities of its working teams.


The features that make Oracle Field Service Cloud the best solution possible for companies are:

  • Scheduling: to plan the team’s activities based on the effective ability of men and means, considering the appropriate skills for the execution of the single interventions, the available equipment, the geographic position, the needs of the customer and the SLA to be respected.
  • Monitoring: it allows a global and real-time view of planned and ongoing interventions and the resources used, both in terms of Gantt and georeferencing, highlighting possible criticalities arising from non-compliance with the SLA to the customer.
  • Flexibility: it provides technicians with all the tools they need to perform and report the progress of their work, including a set of features that can be available also offline.
  • Smart Location: it offers to the technician the navigation to the point of arrival and to the planner the complete vision of the intervention including the travel times.
  • Collaboration: it provides a chat through which the technician can share and communicate any problems by sending content (images, videos) to their colleagues and to planners for immediate confrontation.
  • Communication with customers: it allows to give visibility to the customer, through different channels, on the progress of the interventions.
  • Automation: if Oracle Field Service Cloud is integrated with preventive Alert systems, it can automatically generate and plan the intervention requests. For example, a system with a suitable device can communicate a malfunction by calling the maintenance technician directly.

We have found that the adoption of Oracle Field Service Cloud permits a substantial optimization of the planning of the interventions, both in economic and temporal terms. It all translates into an improvement in the level of service perception.

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