For a company that has to handle a large number of shipments, it becomes crucial both to gain a competitive advantage and to guarantee a high level of service to its customers to be able to govern the relationship with couriers. In fact, the whole process of shipment management is very time consuming, requiring the operator to manually fill in a lot of data, an activity that, thanks to modern technology, can be automated.

Nomination, a well-known Italian jewellery company, has to handle an average of 9,000 shipments per month, with peaks of up to 19,000 in the busiest months, split between B2B and B2C. Further complicating the handling of the order dispatch process is the fact that for Nomination, each order corresponds to two dispatches, one made by the actual product and the other by the advertising material that accompanies the jewellery such as, for example, the box that encloses it.

The aim was to be able to ‘thin out’ company procedures by eliminating the bureaucratic operations related to the management of collection and verification of parcels by the various forwarding agents, thus allowing operators to devote more time to other activities with higher added value.

Nomination, which in the course of its activity has succeeded in linking the classic with the modern, combining the Florentine goldsmith tradition with technological evolution, giving life to original combinations that express the design, innovation and quality of Made in Italy in a young and trendy way, has therefore focused on another combination that works: the one between Alfa Sistemi and Nomination itself. A bond that has lasted almost 10 years and that goes well beyond that of client-supplier.


Ermes was born – a name inspired by the messenger of the Olympian gods known to be as swift as the wind – a flexible solution that automates the entire shipping process by simplifying and speeding up the handling of orders with any courier. The aim of providing the customer with a simple and easy-to-use solution was largely achieved thanks to the commitment and work of the IT developers, who had to manage all the typical and particular functionalities of the freight forwarder’s information system by means of special automations, without neglecting the particularities of the customer’s business. The teamwork between the Alfa Sistemi and Nomination teams started in February with a careful collection of requirements and specifications that led, in a short time, to the presentation of the solution which was liked and was then implemented going live already in June. Nomination was satisfied from the very first use, immediately appreciating the speed with which it was able to manage shipments, thus improving the service offered to its end customers.

The solution is integrated with the Oracle JDE E1 management system used by the customer, from where it collects data automatically, lightening the workload of both the user and the warehouseman, improving daily operations and general efficiency. In this way, it is not necessary to re-enter all the data each time, but Ermes automates the process by giving the operator only the task of selecting a few commands (where to send the goods, what to send and by which method), thus reducing the possibility of error and the time needed to complete the operation. Relationships with couriers are thus greatly simplified thanks to the elimination of the bureaucratic parts of filling in and checking shipping parcels. It is also possible to integrate label printing, thus facilitating the complete traceability of the entire order cycle.

The features of the solution are therefore:
– Natively integrated with Oracle JD Edwards E1, but also usable in stand-alone mode
– Simple and intuitive interface with few masks that requires no specific training for its correct use
– 4 major couriers are currently listed (Bartolini, UPS, DHL and GLS) but any other forwarding agent can be added
– Flexibility that allows the tool to be moulded and personalised according to specific customer requirements
– Automated commands to simplify and speed up shipment management (type of goods, destination, mode)
– Ability to print labels autonomously and automatically
– Paperless, the automated management of the entire process allows the use of paper to be considerably reduced, with obvious benefits for both the environment and money

"We hit the target, we managed to significantly improve business efficiency by reducing both data processing time and human error rates. The project has been taken care of down to the last detail and we have been supported at every stage, reducing company downtime to a minimum. I would recommend the implementation of Ermes because it gives users more autonomy and allows them to focus more on process optimisation than on backend activities"

Mariana Vaipan
IT Department Manager

With Ermes, it was possible to automate the entire shipping process, simplifying and speeding up the handling of orders with any courier, thus improving the service offered to end customers

reduced shipment handling time


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