Pietro Fiorentini is a group operating internationally in the Oil & Gas sector: it designs, manufactures and sells components, plants and services for the treatment, regulation and measurement of natural gas. With a turnover of over 290 million euros (2018), more than 1,000 employees and 11 factories around the world, Pietro Fiorentini, founded 70 years ago in Bologna and then moved to the province of Vicenza, where its headquarters are still located, is not only a reference point in its sector, but also an exemplary case, known in Italy and abroad, of the adoption of the principles of Lean Management, which have guided the company’s organisation at all levels for over twenty years.

Alfa Sistemi is the ICT Business Partner of Pietro Fiorentini since more than 5 years, not only for what concerns the evolution and the management of the company ERP system, Oracle JDE E1, but also for what concerns the Oracle Cloud solutions complementary and integrated to it, such as, for example, Oracle Field Service Cloud, used to optimise the maintenance activities of the teams operating “on the field”.

In the case under examination, the main wish of the Customer was to create a supplier portal able to facilitate and speed up the interchange of information and documents. Since in the business model of Fiorentini the suppliers represent a strategic element to guarantee efficiency and quality of the processes along the Supply Chain, the aim was to renew the modalities and the technological instruments of communication, offering them:

  • a “user friendly” tool that does not require particularly advanced technical/IT skills, which are often lacking, especially in smaller suppliers;
  • a single portal where all necessary information is available, irrespective of the software in which it resides (first and foremost, but not only, the JD Edwards ERP system), and where the greatest possible number of actions can be carried out, thus limiting the use of email or telephone contacts which, by their nature, are unstructured and untraceable.

Alfa Sistemi decided to take up Fiorentini’s challenge by designing and implementing a tailor-made supplier portal based on Oracle Content & Experience Cloud (OCEC) technology. The reasons for this technological choice were, on the one hand, the possibility of exploiting the connector with Oracle JDE E1 that the product offers “out of the box”, on the other hand, the extreme ductility of the tool, which lends itself to tailored implementations. The solution designed for Fiorentini also included the use of Oracle Integration Cloud (OIC), as an integration platform that allowed the portal to communicate with the multiple Fiorentini applications involved in the supplier management process, both Oracle and third-party.


Today, after an AGILE project conducted in SCRUM, the Fiorentini supplier portal is live and is characterised by a series of features that make it compliant with the expectations of the Customer in terms of ease of use, available functions and level of integration.

The “supplier experience” is linear and stimulating thanks to the following distinctive elements:

  • access to the portal is secure and profiled, even from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets), while mirroring the browsing experience of any other website;
  • the supplier’s interaction with the portal is made more efficient by a system of notifications that allows the user to connect only when actually needed;
  • each user is associated with a profile that determines, according to his/her role, the actions he/she can perform and the information he/she can view/edit.

From the point of view of functional coverage, Pietro Fiorentini today uses the portal to manage activities and documents relating to the processes of issuing, negotiating, confirming orders, expediting, receiving goods and sharing performance.

"Having verified the potential of the tool and Alfa Sistemi's ability to use it to meet our expectations, it came naturally to us that it could be extended to the world of customers."

Romeo Menti
Chief Information Officer at Pietro Fiorentini SpA

Renew interactions with your supplier network through an easy-to-use, secure portal that is integrated into the customer’s technological ecosystem.

active users between Pietro Fiorentini and suppliers

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